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The Author:  Rob Chimsky

Rob has had his own winding path to the writing of this blog and book. He had over thirty years in the telecommunications industry with an impressive track record across technology, product, and marketing. During his career, Rob has written articles and been quoted in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Light Reading, Information Age, European Communications, and Vanilla Plus.   After retiring, Rob has pursued his passions including partnership at Deerfield Ranch and wildlife photography on expedition travel to all seven continents from the Arctic to Antarctica, and Myanmar to Tanzania.


My Story

Rob has spent several years reviewing hundreds of sources to bring together these stories that form the basis of the narrative and provide definitive support for grape lineage and dispersion, dispelling, in some cases, centuries of conjecture.  Rob has worked for many years in the tasting room at Deerfield working with various guests  has shown that whether a novice or sophisticated wine drinker, there is a general thirst for the history surrounding wine grapes.